Here is the discography of over 120 recordings that Aynsley's drumming has been featured on making him one of the most recorded drummers of our generation: Year Band or Artist Album Name 1963 James, Stu & the Mojos Stu James & the Mojos - hit single Everything is Right 1966 Dupree, Champion Jack From New Orleans to Chicago 1967 Boyd, Eddie Edie Boyd & His Blues Band 1967 Mayall, John & the Bluebreakers Hard Road 1968 Beck, Jeff Tallyman & RockMy Plimsoul 1968 Chapman, Michael Rainmaker 1969 Aynsley Dunbar's Retaliation Aynsley Dunbar's Retaliation 1969 Aynsley Dunbar's Retaliation Doctor Dunbars Prescription 1969 Aynsley Dunbar's Retaliation To Mum from Aynsley and the Boys 1969 Donovan Barabajagal 1969 Mayall, John & the Bluebreakers Looking Back 1969 Mayall, John & the Bluebreakers So Many Roads 1969 Mothers of Invention Uncle Meat 1970 Aynsley Dunbar's Retaliation Remains to Be Heard 1970 Dunbar, Aynsley Blue Whale 1970 Zappa, Frank Chunga's Revenge 1971 Mayall, John & the Bluebreakers Thru The Years 1971 Mothers of Invention Filmore East: June 1971 1971 Otis, Shuggie Freedom Flight 1971 Zappa, Frank 200 Motels 1972 Flo & Eddie Phlorescent Leech and Eddie 1972 Lennon, John Sometime in New York City 1972 Mothers of Invention Just Another Band from LA 1972 Zappa, Frank Waka/Jawaka 1974 Bowie, David Diamond Dogs 1974 Flo & Eddie Illegal, Immoral and Fattening 1974 Mann, Herbie London Underground 1974 McDonald, Kathi Insane Asylum 1974 Ronson, Mick Slaughter on Tenth Avenue 1974 Zappa, Frank Apostrophe 1975 Journey Journey 1975 Lofgren, Nils Nils Lofgren 1975 Ronson, Mick Play Don't Worry 1976 Hagar, Sammy Nine on a Ten Scale 1976 Hunter, Ian All American Alien Boy 1976 Journey Look ino the Future 1976 Lofgren, Nils Cry Tough 1977 Chapman, Michael Lived Here 1977 Journey Next 1978 Journey Infinity 1979 Jefferson Starship Freedom at Point Zero 1979 Journey In the Beginning 1981 Jefferson Starship Modern times 1981 Whitesnake Best of Whitesnake 1982 Jefferson Starship Winds of Change 1983 Kantner, Paul Planet Earth RnR Orchestra 1986 Emerson, Keith Best Revenge 1986 Zappa, Frank Apostrophe / Overnight Sensation 1987 Flo & Eddie Best of Flo & Eddie 1987 Whitesnake Whitesnake 1987 Whitesnake Whitesnake 1987 1988 Journey Greatest Hits 1988 Various Artists Raw Blues 1988 Zappa, Frank You Can't Do that on Stage Anymore (Sampler) 1988 Zappa, Frank You Can't Do that on Stage Anymore, Vol 1 1989 Bowie, David Sound + Vision 1989 Zappa, Frank You Can't Do that on Stage Anymore, Vol 3 1990 Bowie, David Changesbowie 1990 Bowie, David Growin Up 1991 Beck, Jeff Beckology 1991 Jefferson Starship Starships Greatest Hits: Ten Years 1991 Zappa, Frank Freaks & MothERS 1992 Journey Time 3 1992 Mayall, John London Blues (1964-1969) 1992 Ono, Yoko One Box 1992 Reed, Lou Between Thought and Expression 1992 Zappa, Frank At the Circus 1992 Zappa, Frank Disconnected Synapses 1992 Zappa, Frank Playground Psychotics 1992 Zappa, Frank Swiss Cheese / Fire 1992 Zappa, Frank Tengo Na Minchia Tanta 1992 Zappa, Frank You Can't Do that on Stage Anymore, Vol 6 1993 Spinner, Tony Saturn Blues 1993 Travers, Pat Just a Touch 1993 Various Artists Hats off to Stevie Ray 1993 Various Artists LA Blues Authority: Fit for a King 1994 Blues Bureau Music from the Better Blues Bureau 1994 Travers, Pat Blues Magnet 1994 Various Artists Songs from the Better Blues Bureau 1994 Whitesnake Whitesnake's Greatest Hits 1995 Cherry, Ava People from Bad Homes 1995 Chrisley, Little John Little John Chrisley 1995 Dupree, Champion Jack Home 1995 Mann, Herbie Evolution of Mann: The Herbie Mann Authority 1995 Various Artists All Day Thumbsucker Revisited 1995 Zappa, Frank Strictly Commercial 1996 Zappa, Frank The Lost Episodes 1997 Mogg, Phil Edge of the World 1997 Travers, Pat Best of the Blues Plus Live 1998 Journey Escape / Frontiers / Infinity 1998 Mayall, John As it All Began: The Best of John Mayall 1998 Mothers Army Fire on the Moon 1998 Ronson, Mick Main Man 1998 Various Artists Heard it on the Radio: FM Hits Vol 1 1999 Burdon, Eric & the I Band Official Live Bootleg, Vol 1 1999 Lofgren, Nils Ultimate Collection 1999 Schenker, Michael Adventures of the Imagination 1999 Various Artists Not the Same Old Song & Dance: Aersosmith Tribute 1999 Zappa, Frank Son of Cheep Thrills 2000 All Day Thumb Sucker All Day Thumbsucker 2000 Burdon, Eric & the New Animals Eric Burdon & the New Animals 2000 Dunbar, Aynsley Joy to the World 2000 Hunter, Ian Once Bitten Twice Shy 2000 Stewart, Rod 1964-1969 2000 UFO Covenant 2000 Various Artists Little Guitars: A tribute to Van Halen 2001 Various Artists Metallic Assault: A Tribute to Metalica 2002 UFO Sharks 2003 Travers, Pat PT Power Trio 2004 West, Leslie Blues to Die For 2004 Various Artists Spin the Bottle - An All-Star Tribute to Kiss 2005 Schenker Pattison Schenker Pattison Summit - The Endless Jam 2009 Dunbar, Aynsley Mutiny
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